Born in the UK, Jane grew up in Wellington, New Zealand. Creativity runs in her Dutch/ Yorkshire genes with every one of her siblings forging their professional path in the creative realm.

A descendant of the Hawley Yorkshire Potters, Jane’s family ran a ceramic business importing and designing delicate glass and dinnerware, (Dutch influences everywhere!). Growing up, Jane was either home, surrounded by precious porcelain, or sitting in on rehearsals with the New Zealand Opera—watching her father, professional opera singer, hone his craft.

The Hawley artistic streak cements a tight bond between Jane, her 2 sisters and brother and an incredible inspirational, design and story based brain for a mother – international costume designers, corporate design and idea skills and street artist and fine art illustration and commission work abound among them.

Jane has come back to painting later in life having chosen a corporate path, untrained in the arts Jane catches up where she can and learns through trial and error on the job.


Working in focused bursts reflects Janes’ personality and lifestyle. Her subject matter is pulled together from travel, nature and those dear to her but she has a deep appreciation of her natural home environment in Northern NSW.

Large and small scale works showcase her proficiency and dexterity with mixed media. Energetic yet sensitive line work dominate her work with illustrative drawing practice a regular ritual.

Jane teaches mixed media workshops, has a steady commission base for her illustrative work of Australian animals and her abstract work for house interiors.

For the last few years her work has been accepted Lethbridge Gallery in Brisbane and Aspire Gallery where a People’s Choice award resulted in an ‘Emerging Artist’s Group Exhibit, Reflections’, in August 2019.

Jane started 2020 as a managed artist for limited edition prints for Fineprint_co (a subsidiary of Corporate Art in Burleigh) and launches new work at various exhibitions in Brisbane (St Aidans annual art show and Aspire Galleries “Petite Pieces”).

Jane regularly has work accepted in the Border Art Prize at the Tweed Regional Gallery, has been involved in several Murwillumbah Art Trails and has been selected for Art Box Basel.

Jane sells her work online through ‘Art Lovers Australia’, direct through social media and local niche galleries like Sheoak in Fingal Head. Jane is currently forging her way into the “house design” and display art niche in popular TV series.


Taking a light-hearted view of traditional genres – still life, landscapes the everyday, experimenting Jane creates bold, thoughtful mixed media compositions. Inspired by the Byron Bay and northern rivers region where she lives, Jane’s multi-layered pieces reveal a strong sensitivity and depth as she explores meaning in the everyday.

Using collected bits and pieces, including antique maps and manuals, Jane experiments with subject and mixed media to create authentic— sometimes sentimental, always curious — snapshots of life. Bright colour and illustration overlaps oils, acrylics, stencil work, found objects and ink to consistently create original canvases of discovery.

Jane’s energetic, yet delicate line work is a staple feature — providing a finishing touch to her collage and abstract work.